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A Message From Chairman And Founder OF Iqra Group Of Schools And University



Our vision is to develop strong and highly-educated Muslim by giving them Islamic and academic education, who are articulate, reflective, open to others’ point of view, have the confidence to express themselves and discuss ideas and actively contribute towards their own and others development.


Our Mission is to help our students pursue excellence in education, to develop compassion, intellect and integrity and become a successful human being in this world and the hereafter.


It is our aim to impart a balanced system of education comprising of Academics and Islamic Studies to our children. We strive to help them excel in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, History, Geography, Computer Studies etc. We nurture and encourage our children to develop their innate creativity and inquisitive nature in the pursuance of academic excellence while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework of a virtuous and righteous life. This, InshaAllah, will help them become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

IQRA caters to each child’s social, emotional and developmental needs providing an environment which allows each child to grow with self confidence, fully equipped to become a balanced successful human being in this world and the hereafter.

At Iqra we have been trying to impart knowledge to the students in the most effective manner.

We have been trying to provide education at par with the international standards to students coming from different strata of the society. To inculcate high moral value, love for humanity, patience and perseverance. We follow NIOS syllabus in accordance to NCERT guidelines which includes English, Marathi, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Computer education combined with Islamic studies of renowned university of Makkatul Mukarramah which includes Tajweed, Hifz of Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Sirah of the Prophets, word to word English translation of Qur’an and Arabic Language. We also believe in introducing the child to education beyond the classroom environment through, Educational Excursions, Sports and Public Speaking.

It is by the grace of Allah subhanahu ta’ala that we have been able to open branches in different parts of our country. May Allah subhanahu ta’ala accept our humble efforts and guide us in providing quality education (Ameen).

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